TutuApp VIP: Install TutuApp for iOS Device iPhone/iPad/iPod

TutuApp VIP: Have you ever experienced a condition where you hear about the people around you start gossiping about certain app on their phones or you just find out a kind of interesting application from advertisement which then makes you want to try out the application too? Many of us must have already experienced such situation before. But, what happens next? Whenever you try to search for such app on your stock app store on your mobile phone, you end up biting your fingers because you notice that you need to spend some money to get such app. It’s a shame, isn’t it? Does it mean you need to give up just like that? Well, you should not because there’s a great way to solve it and it’s about using TutuApp VIP. Yes, TutuApp for iOS will make sure you won’t be disappointed again like what’s been mentioned before.

TutuApp VIP

TutuApp VIP Download

For your information, TutuApp iOS is an app store (to be exact, it’s a third party app store) made by Chinese company. You must also know that it’s currently the best alternative for Apple App Store out there. Most of the apps you can find on the stock Apple App Store can be found as well on TutuApp. But, what so special if it’s the only thing which can be done by TutuApp? It’s not only that. All the paid apps offered on the Apple App Store can be yours for free if you download them through TutuApp for iOS. Don’t you think it’s so great how TutuApp doesn’t charge you any money at all? Is that all? Of course not! In addition to that, TutuApp for iOS also provides modified as well as hacked version for certain apps. Such version is usually found for the games like TutuApp Pokemon Go. Isn’t this app so fantastic?

TutuApp for iPhone Key Features

  • Tons of paid apps available on Apple App Store can be downloaded for free.
  • Built in mobile scanners and cache cleaners.
  • iOS users don’t need to jailbreak their devices to use this app.
  • Modified applications are available as well.
  • Ease of use thanks to sleek and smooth UI.

TutuApp iOS Download

Due to the fact that it violates the terms and conditions of Apple, right now, TutuApp download iOS isn’t available officially on the Apple App Store. It’s quite unfortunate indeed but it doesn’t mean that you will face hardship to download it. You can download it from the official website and there’s nothing to worry about it at all. It’s completely safe. Below, you will learn how to download the app from the official website. And please also check how to download TutuApp for PC.

  1. First thing first, make sure you are connected to the internet and then open your Safari browser.
  2. Type “tutuapp.vip” in the address bar and wait for the searching result to appear.
  3. A list containing the options will appear on the screen and it’s the time for you to choose Add to Home Screen option.
  4. Next, new page will pop up and rename the icon of the app followed by clicking on the Add option.
  5. In order to make sure the TutuApp APK file to work on your iOS device, you should go to Settings – General Settings – Device Management.
  6. Click on one of the profiles which have been created before.
  7. Tap on Trust to allow the usage of the app.
  8. Confirm the Trust option.
  9. TutuApp will be then added to the home screen and that’s where you can start using it.
  10. At this point, two tabs named VIP and Regular will show up on the device. You should go to Regular tab and click on the More option.

TutuApp.vip Free vs. TutuApp Regular

It’s highly recommended for you to download the VIP version than the TutuApp regular version because of so many reasons. To name some, you can enjoy more customization, it has faster updates, the download speed is also faster, and there are still some other benefits. You can check on further details about the VIP version from the official website. Above all, according to the company, due to the weaker security and instability found on the regular version, the company recommends the TutuApp VIP version to avoid regular app crashing. For a year, it only costs you $12.99 which is definitely worth it because it will eliminate crashing problem and provide more security and safety.

How to Use TutuApp VIP for iPhone

Whenever the app has been installed, you will find how TutuApp iOS will work just like any other app stores. Therefore, you should not have any problem with it. If you want to search for the app, you can use the search bar. You can also use the filter feature and categories to make the search easier. Whenever you have found the desired app or game, you can start downloading, and voila, the app or the game is yours to enjoy.

Last Statement

TutuApp VIP is none other but a reliable third party app store from Chinese developer which can be downloaded from its website. For your information, TutuApp for iOS 10 has been released as well. You can also find the English version on the website which will make English-speaking users find it more convenient to use the app. Since the release of the English version, the popularity of this app is even greater and it gets more downloads. It’s been reported to have made more than a million downloads. Whenever you have got the hang of how to use the app, there won’t be any disappointed and that’s why this third party app store is highly recommended.

TutuApp VIP: Install TutuApp for iOS Device iPhone/iPad/iPod
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