How To Uninstall TutuApp

Uninstalling TUTUApp is a breeze, you will not lose any of the downloaded apps in the process. The apps you have downloaded will remain on your device until you uninstall them separately if you want to. Here you go.

Uninstall TutuApp

Uninstall TUTUApp Android

  1. Open the app drawer on your phone and scroll to locate the TUTUApp Android app icon.
  2. Hold the TUTUApp app icon on your android screen for 2 – 3 seconds
  3. Now you feel vibration and you will see two options on the top of your screen, uninstall and app info respectively.
  4. Hold the app icon and drag it on the “Uninstall” option and release it.
  5. TUTUApp will start to uninstall automatically, tap on “Done “ to finish.
  6. Now, you can chose to delete the downloaded apks from TUTUApp or keep them to install the apps later.

Uninstall TUTUApp iOS

  1. Locate the TUTUApp icon on the home screen of your iOS device
  2. Hold the app icon on your ios desktop for more than 2 seconds
  3. All the apps will have cross sign.
  4. Tap on the cross sign on TUTUApp
  5. Tap on the option “Delete” and TUTUApp will be uninstalled.

Done, that is how to delete tutuapp on your phone. Please share if you care.

How To Uninstall TutuApp
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